Why You Should Join Mardi

You will experience the power of networks

The alumni bond is one of the strongest bonds known to humanity. Mardi is harnessing that bond for good by building a unique ecosystem of relationships. Joining Mardi will give you the opportunity to connect with a global network of aspirational people who are committed to making a difference to their local communities and the wider world.

Mardi members

You will make a bigger difference

Mardi will organise events that inspire and enthuse. We will use online technology to enable collaboration across the continents, creating opportunities for students and university alumni to engage in truly worthwhile charitable activities and social enterprises. If you are already involved in charitable activity then we can help you become more effective.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller.

When you join Mardi, you can:

  • Meet with other liked-minded people who want to make the world a better place
  • Collaborate online to propose and improve worthwhile and innovative projects
  • Make important connections and start stimulating conversations
  • Join cross-functional teams of changemakers to break new ground
  • Shape the future of Mardi and help it be all it can be

Of course Mardi is not the only organisation which can help you make a change in the world but we hope that you will include Mardi in the mix. Together, we can make a bigger difference.

You will belong to an extraordinary community

When you join our LinkedIn group, you will be joining an extraordinary community of professionals and experts in numerous fields. Our members already include professors, alumni officers, development officers, senior officials from major charities, musicians, photographers, fundraisers and senior industry professionals. Together, we will make a bigger difference.

If Mardi is as successful as we think it will be, it will grow into a substantial organisation: helping to build it now will bring huge long-term benefits. It is not every day that you will get the chance to help create and shape a new international charity.

If you are the sort of creative person with the positive mental attitude that we are looking for, you are probably already having ideas for what you would like to do within Mardi.

Waste no time: join Mardi today.

Make a bigger difference with Mardi

First steps of an exciting new organisation

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