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The Problem

Small NGOs in India are often doing great work amongst the poor but often find it hard to raise necessary funds. If they appeal for funds from someone abroad, the potential donor has no way of knowing whether the request is genuine or from a fraudster. Even if the request is genuine the donor has no way of knowing whether the money will be wisely spent or squandered. It is simply not practicable for the potential donor to fly out to inspect the charity before making a donation, and then fly out again to see if the money was well spent.

If they were registered with Credibility Alliance it would be easier to raise funds, but it costs money to improve their quality standards to get registered and for that they need to be able to raise funds. A classic chicken and egg problem.

The Vanaja Solution

Because Mardi has trusted members living in India, it can rely on those members to find suitable NGOs for support. As well as providing financial support, the members can provide mentoring and continued supervision, enabling the supported NGO to become registered with the Credibility Alliance.

When registered with Credibility Alliance the NGO must produce a credible business plan and keep audited accounts. Once registered, the NGO should find it easier to raise funds both in India and abroad.

Where the money goes

Typical costs for each supported NGO are:

Item Amount (USD)
Audit fees 5000
Capacity building efforts to help NGO comply with norms of Credibility Alliance 350
Training on good governance practices 180
Annual communication expenses 60
Annual office rent 290
Total 1000

The total of 1000 US Dollars is approximately 42000 Indian Rupees (INR).

Getting Started

The beauty of the scheme is its simplicity. The same scheme can be replicated with many NGOs, both in India and in other countries. By giving a little support now we can help set these NGOs on the path to a bright and effective future.

Mardi proposes to raise funds to provide a group of Indian NGOs with funding of 1000 USD each, with supervision and mentoring provided by Beatrice Vanaja, Chief Administrative Officer at the New Life charity (itself registered with Credibility Alliance).

Professor Sudarsan Padmanabhan, Asst.Professor in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Mr. Swamidoss, Director (Retired), Reserve Bank of India have agreed to be on the panel to select the beneficiary NGOs that are to be supported.

The selection process will include screening of NGOs based on their vision and their performance (relating to their vision) in the last year, feedback from the beneficiary, references, and commit levels to achieve results after our intervention. The selection process and due diligence on these items will be carried out by New Life.

More details will be announced shortly.

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