Press release for 15 April 2011

Mardi reveals its first ambassador

For immediate release.

Today Mardi revealed that its first ambassador is Raghu Dixit.

Doug Morrison, founder of Mardi said, "We are absolutely delighted that Raghu Dixit has agreed to be Mardi's first ambassador. Raghu needed no persuading that the more fortunate should help the less fortunate. He is doing that already. He was quick to realise the benefits of working together."

"I see Raghu Dixit as much more than a celebrity ambassador. He can be our eyes and ears as he travels the world. His detailed knowledge of India will be invaluable in ensuring that Mardi funds are spent effectively."

Raghu Dixit said, "I often get asked to help various causes and do what I can, but it is hard to find the time to check how the money is actally spent. Too many people give to make themselves feel righteous, without really caring how the money is spent. I do care how the money is spent and want to make sure that it is effective. Mardi can help me do that."

Doug Morrison added, "Mardi seeks to promote best practice in philanthropic giving - and that includes taking a strong interest in how the money is spent, and whether it is spent effectively. Charities have to play their part in being totally transparent in what they do."

"We have an exciting project planned in India. Raghu asked some searching questions. A key to the success is working with Indians that know the nonprofit scene. We already have Mardi members that can play that role, but Raghu's experience is a hugely valuable addition."

"Speaking as a fan, I am looking forward tremendously to tonight's performance at Alchemy 2011. I was knocked out by his virtuosity on Later... with Jools Holland. His CD is a delight and has brightened up many a train journey. Now I can't wait to hear him live."

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