MardiMeet London 2012-04-12


The meeting was arranged to hear Caroline Fiennes talk about effective giving, to hear about developments at Mardi and for members to meet the Mardi Internship Programme team members, Emma Williams and Andrea Jansson and Ana-Maria Leonte. There was also an opportunity for members to discuss their own projects. Links to some of those projects are included within the list of attendees.


6W2X as a social enterprise accelerator for students. It features:

  • An international ecosystem of startups, so we tackle real problems as decided by locals in developing countries
  • A growing band of mentors drawn from the Mardi membership and elsewhere
  • A strategy of six weeks to exit - so it fits in a term or a summer vacation and nobody loses their shirt
  • Based on lean startup techniques and the business model canvas
  • Disruptive innovative collaboration features still under wraps
  • Could be used for other groups as well as students

The website is still a bit primitive because we want students to take over the development of 6W2X. It is at

Mardi Internship Programme

Our internship programme is being set up by two Oxford students, Emma Williams and Andrea Jansson, and Emma will be our first intern, setting of to India in the summer.

We already have some excellent advisors lined up, but we will seek more students to help form the planning team. (In fact this team has already started to build up, as Ana-Maria Leonte has agreed to help with PR for the Mardi Internship Programme.)

PR for Mardi

We are delighted to announce that Ana-Maria Leonte has agreed to do PR for Mardi. Please support her in this demanding role. Her first task will be to set up a blog.

Education in India Programme

We will be working with Arvend Mishra, Co-founder of the Apples n Cherries Education Foundation to support the education of the poor in India. The visit of the intern to India will support this programme.

We are planning a MardiMeet to advance the Education in India Programme so please get in touch if you would like to attend.

Student-led Mardi Societies

We have been very impressed by a number of student-led societies and the next step is to harness that energy and talent in student-led Mardi societies. Students and alumni can both achieve more by working together and donors can achieve a greater impact too.


To pay for all the above and to put Mardi onto a sustainable footing, we need to start fundraising. Help with this would be much appreciated.

Talk by Caroline Fiennes on Effective Giving

Caroline Fiennes, author of the widely acclaimed "It Ain't What You Give, It's The Way that You Give It." described how the current charity system is broken, with a huge disconnect between donors and recipients. The information provided by charities frequently bears little or no relationship to effectiveness.

She provided advice on how we can be more effective in our giving and, more importantly, how we can take steps towards mending the broken system.


Attendees had the opportunity to raise awareness about their own projects. Links related to these projects are included within the list of attendees below.

Attendees and Notes

    Ana-Maria Leonte
    PR for Mardi - will be blogging for Mardi
    Postgraduate PR student at Greenwich University, London
            PR Intern at Peace One Day
            Fashion PR internship at Elevation Networks
            Communication and PR Intern at PATRIR
    Ana-Maria is currently blogging at but will soon be blogging for Mardi.

    Andrea Jansson
    Setting up Mardi Internship Programme
    Student at University of Oxford
    Director at The StoryGraph
    Oxford, Storbritannien

    Anton Chernikov
    Founding Partner at GoodPeople

    Anton provided the following useful list of sites: for discovering social enterprise for learning from silicon valley founders for searching tech startups for searching uk businesses/competitors and and RSA animate for video inspiration is an interesting list of startups Deloitte pioneers for social innovation for workplace culture showcases some of the most exciting social innovation taking place around the world Ashoka

    Anusha Vamadeva
    International Projects Co-ordinator - Compensation & Benefits, Mercer Health & Benefits

    Caroline Fiennes
    Author, analyst, advisor about effective charitable giving
    Author of the widely acclaimed "It Ain't What You Give, It's The Way that You Give It." More info on her book at - and it's available from here TEDxWarwick - Caroline Fiennes - Promoting a Green Lifestyle Choice

    david pinto
    Designer of eco^2 eco^2 a new economic entity birthing party for eco^2

    Doug Morrison
    Founder at Mardi

    The Y2Ki Experience Why I believe in collaboration A world community of social entrepreneurs in over 200 countries Resources for innovators

    Ed Whyman
    Website Manager & Social Media Manager at the UK Youth Parliament

    Emma Williams
    Mardi Intern in summer of 2012
    Student at University of Oxford

    Gregory Gillette
    Director of Stategic Partnersips for Development - United Kingdom at Global Brigades, Inc.
    Student of MSc Global History (Erasmus Mundus) at London School of Economics

    James Poulter
    Tax Analyst at Ernst & Young

    Jazz Rasool
    Professional Training & Coaching Consultant and Contractor

    Loïs Acton
    Broadcast Media Consultant and Professionalïs-acton/3/b6/309

    Murugesu Selvaratnam
    Independent Events Services Professional
            Psychiatrist and General Practitioner at NHS Human Services
    Raghavan Selvaratnam
    Junior Analyst - Consumer Goods at Veritas Asset Management

    Neil Bachelor
    Owner, Pure Questions

    Neil ( neil [at] careersproject [dot] org ) writes: I would welcome any interest and/or feedback
    in the non-profit psychometric profiling, job-matching and e-portfolio service I'm working on:

    Sam Aldenton
    Workplace management and space innovation
    We didn't fit in a tour on the day but Sam ( sam [at] aldenton [dot] org ) welcome's inquiries
    about use of the space at The Exchange.
    Sofia-Chezene Theophilou
    Broadcaster and Expert in Family-Friendly Policies/Services/Products

    Viranga Dippita
    President at Roehampton University Business Club & Society.1st Year undergraduate student.
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