Forming student-led Mardi Societies

Doug Morrison writes: I have recently been at a number of events organised by student societies and have been enormously impressed by the enthusiasm, dynamism and sheer professionalism of the students. For the next phase of Mardi's development I want to encourage the formation of student-led Mardi Societies. I see this as very important to the development of Mardi and a great opportunity for students to make their mark on the world.

Many students get involved with charitable activities when at university and Mardi seeks to make this an even more enriching experience for all concerned.

The student societies would:

  • Organise events for students to work alongside professionals
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn about a wide range of third-sector careers
  • Identify and nurture students who wish to develop entrepreneurial social enterprises
  • Help build Mardi into an effective international organisation

Take this opportunity chance to make your mark

This is a tremendous opportunity to make your mark on the world. The following quotes from student leaders show how satisfying it can be to help form and lead a student society.

  • "Its been extremely valuable to be part of a growing and passionate organization on campus. Its been incredibly challenging to liaise with students, faculty, clients and other stakeholders to deliver a quality product that has grown to over 4,000 members. But the selfish truth is: that no one can lead without growing enormously themselves."
  • "Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) has been a phenomenal journey. The organisation is a platform that connects biotech idea holders in academia to industry professionals worldwide. Being in a leadership role has proven not only to be a great learning curve but has also been extremely rewarding. Management, leadership, negotiation and all round self development are only few of the skills that I have learnt in this past year. I was always passionate and motivated to make a difference in the industry, OBR has given me the right tools to be able to apply this to society. "
    • Lalarukh Haris Shaikh
    • Director of Education & Development at Oxbridge Biotechnology Roundtable
    • President (Cambridge) at Oxbridge Biotechnology Roundtable
  • "Participating in the leadership of a rapidly growing organization like OBR has been hugely rewarding. It has afforded me unparalleled access to high-level industry professionals. Both the experience and contacts I have been able to build in a short time will be invaluable to my future career"
    • Gabriel Mecklenburg
    • Chief Operating Officer at Oxbridge Biotechnology Roundtable
    • President (London) at Oxbridge Biotechnology Roundtable
  • "Being a leader has given me a chance to develop professionally and personally. It has been an invaluable experience that has given me the skills that I would not have acquired through my education. Such skills will help me leave a mark in the world of entrepreneurship."
  • "Supporting a charity need not always be in a financial sense. Indeed, much can be achieved through the contribution of one's time. Even more so if it is a group of talented individuals dedicating their time to make a real difference. Mardi is clearly a prime example of such an approach."
  • "There has never before been a more perfect time for students to take control and follow their passions through entrepreneurship. Helping and following the progress of student innovators has been the biggest reward by far. There's no better feeling than taking control of your future and watching others do the same."
  • "Leading a student society was challenging yet incredibly exciting and rewarding. It's amazing to see how student enterprises are increasinly influencing the business world and I am proud to be taking part in shaping the new generation of entrepreneurship. I encourage students to lead the change in the world."

How you can help

If you want to join a group to set up a student-led Mardi Society then please contact Doug Morrison (doug [at] mardinet [dot] org).

Make a bigger difference with Mardi

First steps of an exciting new organisation

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