Frequently Asked Questions

What will Mardi do?

Mardi will:

  • Organise great events
  • Plan and implement exciting charitable projects

It is up to members to decide on the types of events and projects. The events will give you a chance to meet some fascinating people and will be designed to make you want to come back to more Mardi events in the future. For an indication of the type of projects that will be supported, please read about our principles. There is huge potential for embarking on quite novel projects not yet imagined.

I am very busy, so is it worth joining?

We expect the sort of people that can help Mardi most will be very busy. You may still be able to give enormous help by giving the occasional piece of advice or introduction to a contact. Because Mardi is very new but growing rapidly any help you can give now could have huge benefits in the long term. In due course, as commitments and circumstances change, you may find more time available to help specific projects that fire your imagination.

What am I committing myself to when I join?

You can join without making any specific commitments. We hope that by joining you indicate that you see that there is some merit in the idea and that it is worth supporting. If you are not already a member of LinkedIn we recommend signing up for the Mardi Newsletter right now, and consider joining LinkedIn later. You can easily opt out of this low-volume newsletter at any time.

What is the business model?

We are using lean startup methodology to develop and adapt the business model. Salaries can be a huge burden for a new organisation, so to begin with there will be no paid employees.

Any more questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to doug [at] mardinet [dot] org and we will be in touch.

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