How You Can Help

The most important way of helping is to join Mardi but here are further ways you can help.

Spread the Word

As we move from the proof-of-concept phase to the actually-doing-good phase it is vital that we start to grow the organisation. The power of networks increases dramatically with their size. With more members we will have more expertise, more volunteers and more donors. This will enable us to take on more ambitious and more worthwhile projects.

Please tell friends and contacts about Mardi and invite them to join today:

  • LinkedIn (click the 'Share group' link on the right)
  • Facebook (‘Like’ the page and tell others about it)
  • Twitter (follow @MardiGB and Tweet about what we are doing)
  • Twitter (follow @Collective6W2X and Tweet about what we are doing)
  • Don't forget plain old word-of-mouth!

On the subject of spreading the word, big thanks go to Oxford University for including an item on Mardi in the e-Pidge newsletter sent to alumni - and a warm welcome to the new members from Oxford. We hope this is the first of many universities to help us in this way.

SE Junction London

SE Junction London is a collaboration hub for social entrepreneurs to swap stories and hatch plans in a convivial atmosphere. We meet every Tuesday evening at Fairly Square, London's first fairtrade bar and café. Supported by Mardi.

Make a bigger difference with Mardi

First steps of an exciting new organisation

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