Growing Support for Mardi

A high proportion of those invited to join Mardi do so. Members of the Mardi group on LinkedIn include professors, senior university officials, alumni officers, development officers, fundraisers, senior professionals working for major charities and nonprofits, senior industry professionals and experts in many fields.

Mardi members

Messages of support for Mardi

Initial responses have been very positive:

  • "Helping students and university alumni to make a greater contribution to their communities is an admirable cause. Mardi has taken an important initiative which I hope will promote a greater commitment to putting back into society some of the benefits that the well-educated receive."
    • The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes, CH
    • Chancellor, University of Oxford
  • "Congratulations on setting up Mardi - brilliant concept." Mandy Wallace, Owner at Positive Outcome.
  • "I strongly support the ideals of Mardi, which is to find and explore new ways of harnessing an individual's and institution's willingness for charitable giving in order to maximise the impact at an international level. I would be delighted to be a Trustee of such a venture." Professor Mike Smith.
  • "The more I learn about Mardi the more I like it. I want to support Mardi because I can see clearly the benefit such an organisation will have on many charities, communities and individuals both domestically and internationally. The skills learnt and contacts gained during university life are invaluable, and Mardi’s ambition to harness these to help other charities is an exciting prospect indeed; one which will reach out to peoples’ goodwill in an unconventional way, empowering the many alumni of the many universities around the world to give back and make a difference to situations of real need." John Spry, Fundraiser at Oxford University.
  • "It is a true privilege and an honour to be a trustee for Mardi, an opportunity for which I am grateful. I have always had a firm belief that we should be guided by our standard of life - not our standard of living; by our propensity for giving - not our measure of wealth; and by our basic goodness - not our perceived greatness. So I am excited to be a part of such an important undertaking." Dr Ayham Ammora, Executive Director at Castrol, United Arab Emirates.
  • "Congratulations on everything you've accomplished thus far, and I will look forward to seeing great things from the group as the organisation develops." Hadley Beeman, Founder at LinkedGov.
  • "I'm very happy and proud to be a Trustee for Mardi, and wish it all the best in achieving the goal embodied in its initials - Making A Real Difference Internationally." Tony Coll, Principal & CEO at Tony Coll & Associates Limited
  • "I'm truly honoured to accept a Trustee position with the Mardi Organisation. I'll endeavour to pass on my music industry knowledge to wider circles within the group and hope that, through the power of music, I can add brand value and awareness to those who fall into the Mardi path." Paul Knowles, Owner of the Jenral Group and Chief Executive Officer at International Music Community (IMC) Ltd.
  • "Big companies have often made big profits, but nowadays there's a growing expectation that such companies will do so with more respect for the communities and the environment in which they operate, which is known as corporate responsibility. At the same time many charities are continuing to struggle to help deserving causes all over the world. Along with the founders of Mardi I believe that there are innovative ways that we can bring these two very different circumstances together to the benefit of both corporates and charities and other needy causes. By bringing together some of the best brains from universities and businesses Mardi can act as a catalyst to help some really deserving causes, whilst also giving companies the opportunity to show that they care." Steve Wakeland, Head of Reporting & Planning, Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Alumni from 40 universities around the world joined the Mardi group in the first fortnight. Many more have joined since then. If you would like to be part of this exciting new organisation please see how to join Mardi.

If you are still looking for reasons to join then please take a look at "why you should join Mardi".

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