Doug, Minimalist

Business card with only two words, 'Doug' and 'Minimalist', on it.

If you received a business card containing just the two words "Doug" and "Minimalist" you have come to the right place! Minimalism is at the heart of DITA, cutting out unnecessary words.

You may have received the card in connection with:

  • OpenIDEO London. Help us establish a new Chapter of OpenIDEO in London. Follow OpenIDEO London Chapter on Twitter
  • SE Junction London, a collaboration hub for social entrepreneurs to swap stories and hatch plans in a convivial atmosphere. Follow SE Junction on Twitter
  • 6W2X, a social enterprise accelerator in the community. Follow 6W2X on Twitter
  • Collective 6W2X, using the power of music to promote doing good by doing what you are good at. Follow Collective 6W2X on Twitter
  • Mardi, a new organisation for university students and alumni who want to make a difference. Follow Mardi on Twitter
  • DITA, a method of documentation developed by IBM. Follow dita4all on Twitter
  • GSA, the Glasgow Skye Association. Follow the Glasgow Skye Association on Twitter
  • PP4S, a website promoting and supporting Pascal Programming in Schools

For further details, please send an email to d [at] 6w2x [dot] com or connect on social media:

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Figure: Made it to Number One!

Doug Minimalist makes it to Google Number One!
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