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New International Charity for University Alumni and Students to Help Others

Mardi will unleash the potential of university students and alumni to be effective changemakers by providing a platform that will enable them to work together. Together, we can make a bigger difference.

“Helping students and university alumni to make a greater contribution to their communities is an admirable cause. Mardi has taken an important initiative which I hope will promote a greater commitment to putting back into society some of the benefits that the well-educated receive.”
  • The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes, CH
  • Chancellor, University of Oxford
Introduction to Mardi

Click to see a brief introduction to Mardi.

The new organisation will provide support for existing charities and other nonprofits by tapping in to the pool of resources provided by the many students and university alumni who wish to use their talents to make the world a better place. Mardi will act as a catalyst to facilitate and promote:

  • networking about innovative solutions to hard problems
  • campaigning
  • fundraising
  • collaborating with existing nonprofits and social enterprises
  • developing and sharing best practice in philanthropy

Alumni from 40 universities around the world joined the Mardi group in the first fortnight. Many more have joined since then. If you would like to be part of this exciting new organisation please see how to join Mardi.

If you are still looking for reasons to join then please take a look at “Why You Should Join Mardi”.

SE Junction London

SE Junction London is a collaboration hub for social entrepreneurs to swap stories and hatch plans in a convivial atmosphere. We meet regularly at Fairly Square, London's first fairtrade bar and café. Supported by Mardi.

Focus on Education

Mardi can support a wide range of good causes but the initial focus will be on education. Inadequate education is at the root of many of the world's problems and we are now actively looking at ways of improving the availability of quality education.

6W2X: A Social Enterprise Accelerator in the Community

6W2X: Six Weeks to Exit logo

Many students would love to be involved in a social enterprise startup but know that such an all-consuming passion would not be compatible with their first priority of obtaining a degree. 6W2X™ is a startup accelerator that will be designed with this in mind. It has now been opened up to anyone in the community, as many others could benefit from this approach.

Too often, students are well-meaning but create plans for businesses that they think Africans (for example) need but don't have the means to find out what Africans actually want. We will create an international ecosystem of support for startups: by having simultaneous accelerators in developing countries we will not only encourage entrepreneurship there, but also help other accelerators produce plans for sustainable social enterprises that satisfy a real need. Please see Introduction to 6W2X for further details of this award winning* initiative.

* 6W2X has been awarded a Do It Award by UnLtd and a Spark Award by Santander and UnLtd.


We encourage alumni engagement with charities and a good time to start is when they are at university. There are many ways in which alumni can help university students to engage in charitable activity and make this the start of a lifelong habit. See MardiStudent for further information.

Mardi Launch at House of Commons

Kevin Brennan MP speaking at the Mardi Launch

Kevin Brennan MP hosted the very successful Mardi Launch at the House of Commons.

Jillian Edelstein agrees to be the Principal Photographer at Mardi

Jillian Edelstein, Principal Photographer at Mardi

We are thrilled to announce that the world-renowned photographer, Jillian Edelstein, has kindly agreed to be the Principal Photographer at Mardi. We look forward to working with this award winning photographer.

Raghu Dixit agrees to be Mardi Ambassador

Raghu Dixit on Songlines Front Cover

We are proud to announce that Raghu Dixit has agreed to be the first Mardi Ambassador.

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Make a bigger difference with Mardi

The first steps of an exciting new organisation

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